How to View Metadata in Photo Programs?

Answer Digital cameras imprint a set of data, such as the date, time, type of camera and lenses used, on each image you take. This information is called metadata. Many software programs on the market are ... Read More »

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How to View Metadata in JPG Files?

Many images contain metadata, details about the image's origins. Metadata can be used to determine when a photo was taken, including date and time. It can also be used to find out the type of camer... Read More »

How to Edit the Metadata for a Photo?

The metadata, or HTML description, for a photo can help increase your search engine relevance when it reflects page content or headers. Editing metadata involves editing the page in which the photo... Read More »

Why can't I view the photo gallery on my HTC G2?

Sorry But the only way to upgrade it further than 2.1 is to hack it. Otherwise it's last OFFICAL update was 2.1

How to View or Scan Photo Negatives?

If you use a film camera, looking through negatives is one of the best and most effective ways to select and edit photographs. Getting a photo lab to print negatives is cheap, and scanning a negat... Read More »