How to Verify If a Cell Phone Was Intercepted?

Answer Cell phone calls can easily be intercepted with the latest technology, invading your privacy. Many interception services leave barely a trace of any sort of breach, allowing another party access to... Read More »

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Can cell phone texts be intercepted?

it is possible, however i don't know how it works? It happened to me with a text i send an ex gf a while ago.. You can contact you cell phone provider and they'll give you more info if you really w... Read More »

Can cell phone calls be intercepted?

Yes, it is possible to intercept cell phone calls. As of 2010, it costs approximately $1.3 million every time a corporate secret is leaked via cell phone. Over 65 percent of IT professionals do not... Read More »

Can a Cell Phone Text Message Be Intercepted?

How It Works Cloning and intercepting text messages through cellular networks each allow access to the text messages of a cell phone user. Cloning the phone can be done by copying the SIM card, whi... Read More »

Can cell phone texts be intercepted and forwarded to other people?

It is not possible to do this on the radio side. This information is encrypted. It can be done at the request of the police, but they need a court order to do this. The only slight possibility is t... Read More »