How to Vent a York Diamond 80 Furnace?

Answer A York Diamond 80 furnace is an 80 percent efficient gas-burning furnace. This means that out of all the natural gas you burn to heat your home, 20 percent of that is lost, heating only the flue pi... Read More »

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What Is a Direct Vent Furnace?

A direct vent furnace is a heating furnace that receives its input air directly from the outdoors, usually through an intake pipe. In very cold climates, this colder outside air can increase the fu... Read More »

How far does a direct vent furnace have to be from a window?

Furnace manufacturer specifications and local codes relating to gas and mechanical appliances determine the distance you can install a direct vent furnace from a window. Under the 1999 National Fue... Read More »

Can an automatic vent damper be installed on an oil furnace?

Automatic vent dampers can be installed in oil furnaces. Vent dampers can increase the efficiency of the furnace lowering the cost of heating. Vent dampers on oil furnaces are applicable to single-... Read More »

Are there unacceptable or dangerous co levels from an outside furnace vent?

Buy yourself a CO monitor and set it up near your furnace. Hopefully your contractor did a stack gas analysis; if he did not, complain to the utility company, since they recommended him.