How to Varial Heel Flip on a Tech Deck?

Answer This is a good way to varial heel flip on a tech deck.

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How to Varial Kickflip a Tech Deck?

If you wanna know how to do an awesome varial kick flip then read this article! To do this you must get a tech deck from Target or Walmart

How to Do the Heel Impossible on a Tech Deck?

This article will show you how to do a tech deck trick of my own, the heel-impossible. the heel-impossible is a combination of a heelflip and impossible.

How to 360 Flip on a Tech Deck?

A flip is any skateboard trick that has the board flip 360 ° (degrees) in the air. The plain 360° flip is a basic maneuver for many other tricks, and also useful for avoiding obstacles, like jump... Read More »

How to Do a Off Side Flip on a Tech Deck?

Cool trick that takes some time to practice, and it also takes quick reflexes.