How to Use the Triggers in the "SC2" Map Editor?

Answer "StarCraft II," also commonly referred to as "SC2" is a Real Time Strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Players can play through a singleplayer campaign, compete against one-another in... Read More »

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Can I use a song that's on Youtube Editor without using the Editor?

Some yes, but i reccomend you check first online!

Web editor, HTML/ XHTML editor?

you can edit xml files with dreamweaver, you just work in code mode. it's easy tocreate XHTML files with dreamweaver too, just pick the document type you want. CS6 may handle XHTML5 (which differs ... Read More »

What are drum triggers?

A drum trigger is an electronic device that can be attached to different parts of a drum set, such as the bass drum or snare. When the electronic device on the drum is hit, a sound is produced that... Read More »

Making Drum Triggers?

Drum triggers are small sensors that pick up vibrations made when hitting a surface. The vibrations are then directed to a drum module, a device used to store and reproduce drum samples.Purchasing ... Read More »