How to Use the SMART Board in the Art Classroom?

Answer Digital mediums have enhanced both teaching tools and modes of artistic production. According to Scholastic Inc. and forums on, many classroom teachers use interactive d... Read More »

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Disadvantages of Using the SMART Board in the Classroom?

SMART boards are interactive whiteboards which are becoming more commonplace in the modern classroom. SMART boards enrich learning by integrating technology into the classroom. Teachers can engage ... Read More »

How to Use a Smart Board in a First-Grade Classroom?

A SMART Board is an interactive teaching tool that allows students to view the lesson created on a computer program. The board itself is a dry-erase white board that is connected to a projector. Th... Read More »

How to Use a SMART Board in the Elementary Classroom?

Smart Technologies produce a range of interactive whiteboards called SMART Boards. Students and teachers can write, draw and manipulate content on SMART Boards using a finger, a pen or a brush. Con... Read More »

How to Use a Smart Board in the Classroom Setting?

Interactive Smart Boards allow teachers to instruct students using the Internet on a large board. Teachers can then use special markers to draw on the visual created by the Internet or a document. ... Read More »