How to Use the Poem 'If' to Teach Conditionals?

Answer Conditionals function in grammar to show a potential cause and effect relationship. Conditionals implement the word "if" or "when" in a dependent clause with words including "would," "could" and "m... Read More »

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How to Teach Children to Write an Epic Poem?

Epic poetry traditionally narrates the heroic exploits of an individual in a highly dramatic and stylized way. In teaching children about any artistic venture, it is imperative to maintain focus on... Read More »

ESL Exercises on Conditionals?

Learning to properly use conditionals is crucial for ESL success. In addition to enabling students to talk about unreal circumstances, conditionals also give students the vocabulary needed for logi... Read More »

How do I Link Conditionals Between Workbooks in Excel?

Microsoft Excel allows users to link not only between worksheets, but even different workbooks. In Excel, a workbook is the actual file that you save. Inside the file are multiple worksheets. By li... Read More »

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