How to Use the Pioneer Parametric EQ?

Answer Many Pioneer in-dash receivers are equipped with a built-in parametric equalizer. Parametric equalizers are different from regular graphic equalizers because they have the capability to adjust for ... Read More »

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How do I get my issue reach top management of Pioneer Electronics Repair of my Pioneer AV rcvr is too long!?

Unfortunately, Pioneer doesn't care what happens to your equipment. Your choices have been narrowed down to: Wait, or buy another receiver. I suggest avoiding Pioneer if you buy again. And if y... Read More »

I have this pink pioneer baby doll with blue eyes and a pink "pioneer suit" and a white bonnet.?

Do you have a picture of it? I found this, I don't know if it is what you are looking for:…ETA~ Am I missing something? UGH!!!ETA~ OMG! I am always one ste... Read More »

Is TurboCAD parametric?

TurboCAD version 17 incorporates parametric drawing, which allows the user to easily modify a drawing by utilizing geometric and dimensional constraints. Geometric constraints are used to determine... Read More »

How to Use a Parametric Equalizer?

Parametric equalizers are effective when shaping the tone of an audio signal. The controls allow for the user to be precise in selecting a frequency to boost or cut, which is helpful if the signal ... Read More »