How to Use the Mouse Wheel in VB6 Environments?

Answer Microsoft produced Visual Basic 6 for professional and amateur programmers to develop software applications. Visual Basic 6 is an integrated development environment, composed of coding, testing and... Read More »

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I nicked a mouse from school and the wheel on it dont work but the rest of the mouse does?

Just go into 'Control Panel' and adjust the settings for the mouse!!!Not that I condone theft!!!

Which is better: wheel mouse or optical mouse Why?

Optical is better. A optical mouse uses a beam of light to track movement. A "track ball" mouse uses a tracking ball under the mouse to track movement. You have to clean them often because dust get... Read More »

How can I fix the scroll wheel on the mouse?

With a Cordless anything that starts to act upthe first thing to do would be change the batteries to a Brand New fresh set As far as the mouse You check the settings for the mouse behaviorControl P... Read More »

Do you click on the wheel button of your mouse?

yes, i do. but not for the usual wheel-click function. i changed it to switch between scroll modes. on my mouse you can either do it a few screens at a time, or just let it roll until you stop it. ... Read More »