How to Use the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron Safely?

Answer When I first saw the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron on TV I assumed it was just another infomercial product making wild claims. But after watching the Instyler in action, I gave it a shot. Turns out th... Read More »

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What do Instyler flat iron buyers have to say about the product?

hi! i just received my instyler a week ago and i luv it! it gets my hair really straight. it believe it's worth the money seeing as you get two! it's not very hard to use and it is quick, but i did... Read More »

What is the maximum dose of iron supplement one can use safely?

Due to the fact the humans do not excrete excess iron, it becomes dangerous in high doses. Men 19 years of age and up need about 8mg a day, women 19 to 50 years old need 18mg daily, and women 50 ye... Read More »

How do you safely get food stuck to a cast iron skillet off without damaging it?

Yes, you can put water in a cast iron skillet. Do not put soap, however. It takes a lot to ruin a cast iron skillet - just run hot water in the pan and scrap at the stuck cornbread with the scrubby... Read More »

Does the InStyler work?

No..I had it and everytime I tried to strighten it is would shut off..It makes my hair frizzy and doesnt strighten very good..Its complete crap. I do not reccoment it. Buy a flat iron..preferably a... Read More »