How to Use the Green Eraser in "MapleStory"?

Answer Kyrin the pirate is a passionate treasure hunter and her "MapleStory" quest lines all revolve around tracking down some sort of hidden valuables. After completing the quests "Searching for Treasure... Read More »

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How to Use an Eraser?

When you make a mistake writing a report or letter, and you have been writing with a pencil or pen you can erase it easily with an eraser.

Who invented the eraser?

The first eraser was invented in 1770 when an English engineer by the name of Edward Naime mistakenly picked up and used a piece of rubber to remove marks from his paper instead of the bread crumbs... Read More »

How to Use Eraser in Doozla?

Once you have seen "How to use Doozla" their are many different things you can do in it. One is using the eraser tool. This article will help you know what eraser tool is used for.

How to Win an Eraser Fight?

When you're so bored in the classroom, your friend asks you to play an eraser fight. What's an eraser fight? This game is not throwing stuff, but is meant solely for launching erasers.