How to Use the Genisys Scan Tool?

Answer The Genisys Scan Tool is a vehicle code reader. When a problem arises, the engine computer sends an alert code that illuminates the "Check Engine" light for the driver. To find out what is causing ... Read More »

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How to Use a Scan Tool?

Automotive scan tools are used to diagnose the engine and can plug into the standardized socket on most cars and trucks manufactured after 1980. Using a scan tool can save many hours of headache in... Read More »

How to Connect My Scan Tool?

Vehicles are equipped with an internal computer module. When a component begins to fail within your vehicle, the computer sends a code to illuminate the "Check Engine" light on the instrument panel... Read More »

Instructions for the OBD-2 Scan Tool?

In 1996, the U.S. auto industry shifted to a standardized diagnostic system in regard to automotive repair. Before 1996, computerized engine diagnostic systems were designed for particular car manu... Read More »

How to Choose an OBD Scan Tool?

Automobiles have a sensor that will light up on the dash when an engine needs to be serviced. This light requires that your vehicle be connected to an On Board Diagnostics scanner. This tool, when ... Read More »