How to Use the Gamepad to Play "Combat Arms"?

Answer Since its release in 2008, "Combat Arms" has become one of the most popular free-to-play games on the Internet. The in-depth gameplay has attracted thousands of players worldwide and has attained p... Read More »

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How to Play Combat Arms?

If you ever wanted to play a good free online FPS then Combat Arms is just for you!nice edit fail FM.

How to Install and Play Combat Arms?

Do you like First Person Shooters? So do I and plenty of other gamers, but its so hard to find a good one! I have one of the best for you today, Combat Arms. Free, fun, and online, its one of the b... Read More »

Can you play combat arms on iPod touch?

No you cannot play combat arms on a iPod touch because nexon has not made a app or made a deal with apple to make one

How to Be Successful on Combat Arms?

Combat arms is a popular FPS game where you fight other people online. Most are newbs that gain experience and look good, while some grow out of it,others don't.