How to Use the Fluke 78 Meter?

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What Is a Fluke Meter?

Fluke meters are a family of different measuring and calibration meters. They are used for testing circuits, checking precision electrical components, and calibrating electrical and temperature pa... Read More »

How to Rig a Fluke?

A fluke is a soft-bodied, plastic lure that resembles a shad bait fish. Available in a crayon box of solid colors, in two-tones and with glitter and scent, flukes are very effective lures for catch... Read More »

What does a fluke eat?

Flukes, also called flounders, eat crustaceans such as shrimp, fish, aquatic worms and crabs. They change color to blend into their environment and ambush their prey. Fluke are a kind of flatfish.S... Read More »

How to Use Fluke 87?

The Fluke 87 True RMS Multimeter is a portable multimeter that can measure frequencies between 0.5 HZ and 200 KHz. Although understanding the readings of any multimeter requires a degree of knowled... Read More »