How to Use the Fdisk Tool and the Format Tool to Partition a Hard Drive?

Answer This is the correct way to prepare your new hard drive for use.

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External USB Drive FAT32 Format Tool?

The ability to format an external USB hard drive provides a key function in restoring the default free space on the item. This in turn provides a method to erase a portable drive for reuse without ... Read More »

Can any one give me a link for a tool that goes in the tool bar for a spell check & a language converter?

The link (below) will take you to your My Yahoo page where the language bar and money converter exist.On the My Yahoo page there is the word "Content" with a green + sign. Click it and you will see... Read More »

How to Change a Tool on an Industrial Machine Tool?

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Are you the sharpest tool in the shed, or are you just a tool?

Of course I am. I'm the woman standing in the shed watching you fix the lawn mower. Now tell me I'm not sharp. *wink*