How to Use the Emergency Brake?

Answer The emergency brake is also called the parking brake, and is commonly used for added security when parking on inclines. It works on a different system than the driving brakes, which rely on power f... Read More »

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How to Repair an Emergency Brake on a Disc Brake?

The parking brake is an important component of the vehicle even though many people don't utilize them. The parking brake, or hand brake, can prevent the car from rolling while in "Park," and can be... Read More »

How to Fix an Emergency Brake?

The most common cause of emergency brake failure is the rubber hose covering the cable wearing through. When this happens, water, road salt and other debris will get on the metal cable and rust it ... Read More »

Emergency Brake Issues?

The emergency brake (often referred to as the parking brake) controls the rear brakes through a series of steel cables that are connected to either a hand lever or foot pedal. The emergency brake ... Read More »

How to Fix a Stuck Emergency Brake?

Nothing can be more distressing than having something wrong with your vehicle's brakes. Having a stuck emergency brake obviously isn't as dangerous as having your brakes go out on you while driving... Read More »