How to Use the Club Steering Wheel Lock?

Answer The Club is one of the most popular devices on the market to prevent vehicle theft. The Club is a two-piece bar that attaches to a vehicle's steering wheel with two hooks. The bar is a length of me... Read More »

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How to Get Additional Keys to the Club Steering Wheel Lock?

The Club is a locking safety device that helps prevent unauthorized use of your vehicle. The Club comes with two keys when purchased, but others can be acquired. Here's how to get additional keys f... Read More »

Removing "The Club" Steering Wheel Lock Device?

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What Causes the Steering Wheel to Lock Up?

Losing control of your car's steering is a terrifying experience, one that can lead to a crash with horrific consequences. If this happens to you, then you must try to bring your vehicle to a stop ... Read More »

How to Take Off a Steering Wheel Lock?

The steering column in your car contains a lock plate that prevents the wheel from turning with the car turned off. This plate is behind the wheel within the steering shaft. If you need to remove t... Read More »