How to Use the Chart Wizard in Excel 2007?

Answer Using charts in Excel creates colorful, visual displays of facts and figures which can be used in a PowerPoint or other presentation. Excel 2007 charts are easy to use and offer varied types of cha... Read More »

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How to Create a Pie Chart in Excel 2007?

When you want to present data with only a few categories in one data series and you wish to display the data proportionately, a pie chart is a fitting choice. Pie charts summarize data in a way tha... Read More »

How to Make a Line Chart in Excel 2007?

Line charts allow data to be expressed visually for the purpose of showing trends over time. The horizontal axis or X axis displays category data, and the vertical or Y axis displays values. A lin... Read More »

How to Create a Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel 2007?

Gantt charts are used to provide a visual representation of the start and end times of various things. Unlike previous versions of Microsoft Excel, Excel 2007 does not contain an option for creatin... Read More »

How do I drag chart markers to change data in Excel 2007?

Drag Chart MarkersAdd new data to the Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet in the rows and columns adjacent to the existing rows and columns of data. Click the chart to select it. Sizing handles appear... Read More »