How to Use an eMachine Keyboard?

Answer EMachines is a manufacturer of peripherals, displays and computers. The company focuses on providing more affordable devices to the consumer looking for economical computer choices. EMachines keybo... Read More »

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How to Hook Up an eMachine Keyboard to a New HP Computer?

All computer keyboards, no matter the manufacturer, hook up to a computer in the same way. Older keyboards (from 2005 and earlier) connect with a dedicated keyboard input (which all computers have)... Read More »

How do I add 2gb memory to my emachine?

a metal cover?you mean a heatsink?…EDITyou just take the ram out the same as you would the other ram.

How to Install RAM in an eMachine?

As the limits of your computer's RAM are reached, it begins a system slowing process of data swapping with its hard drive as a way to deal with the problem. To combat this issue, upgrade or install... Read More »

Does anyone have a emachine desk top?

E machines are fine, (Gateway owns them) they don't make their own motherboards and cards, they are all "name brand" parts in them, the only thing "really' emachine is the case, keyboard, power sup... Read More »