How to Use an Ohmmeter to Check a Car Battery?

Answer Electrical problems are among the most difficult and often the most costly repairs on a car. There are virtually miles of wiring that make up the wiring harness in a modern automobile. Fuses and fu... Read More »

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How to Check Battery Cables With an Ohmmeter?

A damaged battery cable will carry less electrical energy than a battery cable in good repair. A battery cable can become damaged by mechanical stresses or corrosion. It is important, therefore, to... Read More »

How to Check Car Battery Cables With an Ohmmeter?

An ohmmeter is an electrical device that measures the flow of electrical current that passes through an electric resistance. It has an electronic circuit that passes constant current through the re... Read More »

How to Test a Car Battery With an Ohmmeter?

An ohmmeter, also sometimes referred to as a volt-ohm or a multi-meter, can be used to test the voltage in your car's battery. Perhaps your headlights are flickering. Or maybe you had to jump-start... Read More »

How to Check Fuses Using an Ohmmeter?

Either a fuse is good or it is bad; there is no middle ground. If electricity can flow from one of the fuse's contacts to the other contact, then the fuse is good. This is called electrical continu... Read More »