How to Use an OBDII Code Reader?

Answer OBD-II code readers diagnose problems with your vehicle. All vehicles manufactured from 1996 onward are equipped with On-Board Diagnostic II computers. This computer detects error codes and display... Read More »

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How to Read a Saturn Service Light With a OBDII Reader?

You can read your Saturn's service light using an OBDII reader right from your own garage, saving yourself time and money. The Saturn has an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) computer that notifies the dr... Read More »

How to Use a Can OBD-ll Code Reader?

Since 2003, vehicle manufacturers have been fitting their car computers with the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol, an improved computer communication system. You can find several aftermarket ... Read More »

How to Use a Car Code Reader?

Car code readers can only be used on OBD II (on-board diagnostic two) systems integrated in all vehicles since 1996. Some GM models began OBD II in 1995. OBD II standardized the location and plug a... Read More »

How to Use a GM Code Reader?

If your General Motors vehicle has a problem, a malfunction indicator light will illuminate on the instrument panel, such as "Check Engine Light" or "Service Engine Soon," letting you know that you... Read More »