How to Use an Ethernet Switch with AirPort Express?

Answer An Ethernet switch alleviates congestion on a wired network and allows multiple devices to share a network connection. You can use AirPort Express with an Ethernet switch if you want to connect mul... Read More »

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Do the green and gold 300 & 350 Airport Express bus services still run to and from Sydney Airport?

the train will cost $15 this is an easier and maybe cheaper option…

How to Install an Airport Extreme Ethernet Card?

An Airport Extreme Ethernet Card allows you to connect your Mac computer to a wireless network. Most Mac computers come with the Airport card preinstalled, but the card may need replacing if it be... Read More »

What is an Ethernet switch vs. a hub?

Ethernet hubs and switches are both networking devices that can be used to connect personal computers together. The difference between them is that a hub sends data to all of the computers connecte... Read More »

What is an ethernet switch?

A network is a structure where computers and accessories such as printers are joined together. This allows them to perform operations such as exchanging files, printing and placing one computer und... Read More »