How to Use an Eraser Wheel to Remove Auto Trim?

Answer Automotive trim is generally held in place by screws with adhesive to help make a secure bond. This adhesive is left behind after trim is removed from the vehicle and can be challenging to remove. ... Read More »

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How to Remove the Trim on an Auto?

Whether chrome, plastic or wood, various materials of trim have enhanced vehicles' looks over the years. Some trim pieces can look downright Gothic in design and conception, while other trim pieces... Read More »

How to Remove Auto Window Trim?

Window trim for automobiles is held in place by friction. The molding, or trim, protects the edges of the glass from chipping, and protects dirt or debris from getting into the space between the fr... Read More »

How to Remove Dry Wax From Plastic Auto Trim?

Waxing a car or truck is an important step in maintaining its beauty and style. But wax does not belong on certain areas of a car, including the plastic trim that surrounds the body areas. Here, th... Read More »

How to Remove Pits From Aluminum Auto Trim?

Aluminum trim on cars can endure for a long time, giving your car a shiny and smooth line of metal. However, aluminum trim can oxidize and develop pits over time, and it's important that you repair... Read More »