How to Use an Avocado for Beauty Care?

Answer Avocados have been known to be a healthy addition to everyone's diet, but did you know that an avocado can also be good to your skin? Avocado contains vitamins A, C, E, and K which are essential bu... Read More »

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How do i care for an avocado tree?

WateringWater the avocado tree slowly and deeply, soaking the soil to the avocado tree's roots. Avoid letting water accumulate around the tree for more than a few hours.FertilizingFertilize the avo... Read More »

How to Care for a Holiday Avocado Tree?

Avocado trees are popular among home gardeners for many reasons. They have large, glossy leaves, are easy to grow, and provide a wonderful gourmet fruit. You may remember grade-school science proje... Read More »

Outdoor Avocado Tree Care?

The avocado tree or Persea americana is an evergreen tree in the same family as the bay laurel and cinnamon trees. It is cultivated mainly for its large, edible fruit and is originally from Central... Read More »

How to care for 60 mature fuerte avocado trees My Aunt died & left me a house in San Diego east county.?

GUESS WHAT? I THINK WE ARE NEIGHBORS? Everything fits... the niece with two teenagers, moving in from Chicago this week. The 60 Furete trees. The last producing avocado grove, etc. There can ... Read More »