How to Use an Automotive Dwell Meter?

Answer The dwell meter is a necessary piece of equipment for tuning early-model vehicles that use a conventional points type distributor. The coil, which is similar to a capacitor, is charged for the leng... Read More »

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How to Connect an Automotive Analog Dwell Meter to Test?

You use a Dwell meters, analog or digital, with older styled ignition systems, the ones that used a distributor with contact points. Cars and trucks manufactured until the mid 1970s use point-style... Read More »

How to Operate a Dwell Meter?

Four-cylinder engines operate in part by a combustion process assisted by electrical sparks. These sparks are timed to fired at the correct times by a distributor cap. If the cap is set improperly,... Read More »

How to Use a Tach Dwell Meter?

A dwell meter is used to check the dwell angle on vehicles with a points-type ignition. Dwell angle is the length of time (measured by the degree of rotation of the distributor cam) the contact poi... Read More »

How to Use a Dwell Meter Reading?

A dwell meter measures the amount of time that the points remain closed or "dwell together" when an engine is running. These specifications only apply to vehicles that were made using the old point... Read More »