How to Use a Waterpik to Irrigate Your Sinuses?

Answer Sinus irrigation is used to relieve allergies and sinus irritation. Originally, you had to purchase a nasal adaptor to use your Waterpik system as a sinus irrigator. However, Waterpik no longer off... Read More »

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Can an abcess in the roof of your mouth due to a toothache cause more serious problems from the pus spreading into your sinuses?

Answer This is nothing to fool around with. This infection could actually spread through to your blood stream, and then you will be in worse trouble.Call your Doctor and get this treated.

How serious is an abscessed tooth that affects the sinuses causing your face along the side of your nose to swell?

Answer How SERIOUS is it? Come on, now. If someone tells you here that its not serious, what will that do for you?You have an absessed tooth. And it sounds like the infection is spreading to yo... Read More »

Please help. Does Ovex kill Threadworms in your sinuses?

it is very rare for this to happen, and from what I understand there may be a sensation associated with the females moving around and of course your body would react and start getting runny, sneezi... Read More »

How to Irrigate a Greenhouse?

Greenhouse irrigation makes it possible to water and maintain a larger greenhouse area than would be possible with hand watering only. Drip irrigation works well for in-ground greenhouses, while s... Read More »