How to Use a VoIP Adapter?

Answer VoIP is an acronym for "Voice Over Internet Protocol," which means a phone service that uses a broadband Internet connection to dial and connect. A VoIP phone adapter along with a traditional telep... Read More »

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What is a VoIP adapter?

A VoIP adapter is a device that allows you to connect an analog phone to digital VoIP data Internet circuits or to connect an analog phone through a USB port to a computer that is connected to the ... Read More »

I bought a sesame street music player and it has a jack but no adapter. How do you know which 9 volt adapter to use for it?

Can I use a 9.5 volt adapter insead of a 12volt required adapter. Will it work?

If something you have requires 12 volts to operate , a 2.5 volt drop may be to much of a voltage drop, depending upon what your talking about. If you have access to the manual of the device , look ... Read More »

Will a 5V 2.5A adapter damage a device that requires a 6V 2A adapter?

No, underpowering will not "power" the device, it will not run. You must get an adapter that is 6V and (2A or higher) will be ok as well.