How to Use a Torque-to-Angle Indicator?

Answer Torque is a measure of pressure placed on a fastener. One foot pound of torque is equal to the pressure applied by a one foot lever with one pound of weight at the end. Every bolt and nut on a car ... Read More »

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What Is a Torque Angle?

You might be familiar with the terms torque and angle, but unfamiliar with the term torque angle. The definition of torque angle is probably what you expect it would be.

How Do You Use an OEM Torque Angle Gauge?

Tightening and adjusting bolts to a specified torque value is necessary on most of the components installed in your automobile, regardless of make and model. Proper torque ensures that any componen... Read More »

How to Use a Torque Angle Meter?

Torque angle meters, or torque angle gauges, are designed to ensure that the "tightness" among fasteners on a given component is equal. Torque angle meters are calibrated in degrees instead of foot... Read More »

How does height affect angle ie a 90 degree roof angle at a 20 degree pitch with a building That projects 10 degrees what angle does the building meet the roof?