How to Use a Thermometer?

Answer Thermometers are commonly used to determine if someone is suffering from a fever. Some women use thermometers to determine ovulation by recording changes in body temperature. Formerly, glass thermo... Read More »

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Does a forehead thermometer read higher or lower than a rectal thermometer on a 2 month old baby?

At all ages rectal temperature is higher than skin temperature.

Does a candy thermometer&a meat thermometer measure temperatures in the same increments?

No. Dial or standard candy thermometers often have one- to five-degree increments due to the specificity of temperatures required in candy making. Meat thermometers generally range between five- an... Read More »

Can a Deep Frying Thermometer Substitute for a Candy Thermometer?

When making candy or deep fat frying, monitoring the temperature of the liquid is important. If something is under- or over-heated, it can ruin a recipe. The thermometers that should be used hav... Read More »

Is an electronic thermometer better than a glass thermometer for patients?

On One Hand: Glass Thermometers Are Reliable and Less ExpensiveGlass thermometers give accurate readings. They are also usually less expensive than digital thermometers, since glass thermometers ju... Read More »