How to Use a Tap Wrench?

Answer Rethreading a stripped bolthole is done by using a tap and a wrench. The tap is a vertically shaped piece of metal that have threads cut into the surface of the metal. By inserting the tap into the... Read More »

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How to Use a Box End Wrench?

Bolts should be secured properly to ensure that they can perform their task. A box-end wrench is a wrench used to secure non-square bolts which completely encapsulates the nut effectively "boxing" ... Read More »

What is a tap wrench?

Tap wrenches help users twist a metal thread-carver called a tap into a hole without applying uneven pressure and breaking the tap off inside the defines a tap wrench as... Read More »

What Is a Hex Wrench?

A hex wrench is a mechanic's tool used for loosening and tightening fasteners. The wrench is a bar of metal formed with a hexagonal (six-sided) cross-section of a precise size. The end of the wrenc... Read More »

How to Use an Oil Filter Wrench?

An oil filter casing hand-tightened during installation will tighten when the engine heats up and cools down. During the 3,000 to 5,000 miles between oil changes, the filter casing can tighten enou... Read More »