How to Use a Sperry Voltmeter?

Answer Electrical work is an exact science with little room for error, and uncertainty can lead to damaged equipment or serious injury. One essential tool for anyone working with live electrical circuits ... Read More »

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How to Use a Voltmeter?

It is useful to be able to measure the gain and loss of potential difference (volts) through out a circuit.

How do you do sperry on iPhone 4S?

I'll bet she does and if not I'm shore she has a iphone if not a iphone 4s

Instructions for the Sperry SP-5A?

The Sperry SP-5A is a pocket-size analog multimeter, which is a device that measures the electrical current, voltage and resistance of an electrical circuit. The device is lightweight and portable,... Read More »

How to Use Sperry DM 350A?

The DM-350A is a digital multimeter produced by Sperry Instruments. It is accurate and durable enough for professional work in field service or laboratory environments, yet its ease of operation ma... Read More »