How to Use a Sheet as an Outdoor Projector Screen?

Answer A standard white sheet can be used as an outdoor projector screen. The size of the sheet will depend on the size of the image the home projector can project. Most home theater projectors cannot pro... Read More »

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In a 6 meter room what is the biggest projector screen i should get And how far to placle the projector?

It is quite possible to put too big a screen in a room that size. However, screen size is really up to you since the "right size" is largely personal taste. That said, there are some recommendation... Read More »

Do I really need a "Projector Screen" for my Projector or is it hype?

You do not NEED a projector screen but it will allow you to get the best picture from your projector. Screens are specifically designed to reflect light a certain way to optimise picture quality, w... Read More »

What Dimensions Of Cloth Do I Need To Make A 16x9 Screen For A Projector Screen?

If you wanted an aspect ratio of 4:3, you could easily use 80'x60' to get exactly 100, but you want an aspect ratio of 16:9 so I suggest using 88'x49.5' which has a diagonal of 100.9665786287720061... Read More »

How Do I Switch From a Projector Screen to a Computer Screen?

The ability to tie multiple screens, including projectors, into a single computer's output stream is an extremely useful feature that has many applications. It can be confusing trying to switch bet... Read More »