How to Use a Sauna Correctly?

Answer A sauna is a useful tool to both de-stress and detoxify. The heat and meditative atmosphere allows your muscles to relax as you perspire out toxins. Before you enter the sauna, though, there are a ... Read More »

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How to Wash in a Sauna?

Saunas have been used for centuries in places like Finland for relaxation and hygienic purposes. Saunas do not require the user to bathe in the traditional sense, using soap and water, but provide ... Read More »

Safe Use of Sauna?

Saunas are small rooms that are created to be heated to high temperatures; they enjoy popularity throughout the world, especially in Scandinavian countries like Finland. Proponents claim saunas he... Read More »

How Hot Should a Sauna Be?

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Sauna Disadvantages?

The sauna is a room created for users to experience hot temperatures for pain relief and relaxation. The dry heat from a sauna can help those suffering with muscle aches from a strenuous workout. U... Read More »