How to Use a Removable Drive As RAM (Windows Vista and 7)?

Answer Is your computer/laptop slow? Windows has a Function called ReadyBoost which can let you use your USB drive to be used as cache to speed up your computer.

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If you have a removable hard drive do you still need your windows disc?

You still may need your Windows install disc regardless of having a removable hard drive. If your OS gets corrupted or accidentally deleted you will need that disc. You can back up anything to the... Read More »

How to Sync Windows Media Player to a Removable Hard Drive?

Microsoft's Windows Media Player is an all-purpose multimedia player which plays music and videos. Windows Media Player allows synchronization, sync, of media files between devices and the player.... Read More »

How do I Change the Drive Letters in Windows XP for Removable Flash Drives?

A drive letter is a letter assigned to each disk drive and storage device installed in a computer. When you click on the "My Computer" link in Windows XP, the system drives will be listed in alphab... Read More »

How to Make a Removable Drive Seem Non-Removable?

To force Windows to read your USB drive as a fixed drive, rather than removable storage, you can flip the Removable Media Bit (RMB). If set to "1," Windows will read the RMB as a removable media; h... Read More »