How to Use a Rekey Kit for My Door Locks?

Answer Inexpensive and handy, a rekey kit eliminates the need for a professional so that you can change your door locks at home or at work. Rekeying door locks offers added protection and security after a... Read More »

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How do I rekey a house door lock?

Purchase a Key KitPurchase a rekeying kit that matches your lock brand. Unlock the door with your old key. Remove your door knob by inserting the wire tool, included in the kit, into the knob hole.... Read More »

How are door locks rated?

The American National Standards Institute sets standards for a variety of products, including door locks. ANSI divides locks into three grades, and rates them on multiple standards, such as how lon... Read More »

How Car Door Locks Work?

Science fair projects are a good opportunity for ninth-graders to demonstrate their aptitude, interest and passion for the sciences. Projects should be divided into the four main scientific discipl... Read More »

How to Install New Door Locks?

Installation of new door locks is an important aspect of moving into a home to increase your home's security. You may also elect to install a new lock if the current lock is poorly installed or doe... Read More »