How to Use a Python Siphon?

Answer Aquariums are a popular part of many peoples' homes. Frequent water changes are key to maintaining a healthy, clean aquarium environment for fish and aquatic plants. Gravel vacuums have been used o... Read More »

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How to Safely Siphon Gas Without a Siphon?

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How to Use a Gas Siphon?

Siphons are an arrangement of tubes used to move a liquid from a higher source to a lower container by taking advantage of gravity and a difference in atmospheric pressure. The movement of the liqu... Read More »

The Best Way to Siphon Gas?

It is over 75 degrees outside, a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride. However, your bike is out of gas and you loaned your gas can to your neighbor, who really needs to mow his lawn -- it's been we... Read More »

How to Siphon Gas From a 318?

Knowing how to siphon gas from a 318 can come in handy if you need to fuel other vehicles or equipment. Siphoning gas is also a good way to drain the fuel tank if the drain plug on the tank itself... Read More »