How to Use a Precision Design PD-57TR Tripod?

Answer Tripods are indispensable as stabilizing aids for photographers and videographers. For videographers, they allow stable, smooth shooting, and for photographers they allow the user to shoot and set ... Read More »

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Does the Precision design deluxe camera tripod fot Nikon fit Sony DLR also?

The Nikon FG.It has manual,aperture priority,and auto exposure.

Need a tripod mount that will fit a Zeikos 72" Tripod. Where would I find one?

Part of why that tripod was not a great bargain is the usual issues of flimsiness and balkiness. Another is that replacement quick release plates are hard to find. That has been one of the reason... Read More »

How to set precision in C?

The problem is in the line:average = p/10;p is an int and 10 is an int, so it does integer division which rounds down (really truncates), which is why you are getting 38 from 38.5. You need to mak... Read More »

What does the precision on scales mean?

When referring to scales, "precision" is the total number of digits that a scale registers on both sides of a decimal point. The number of digits on the right side of the decimal point is the scale... Read More »