How to Use a Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System?

Answer Backscratcher's Salon Systems produces a line of products for applying acrylic tips known as the Extreme Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System. This system uses a resin-based Base Glaze to apply acrylic ... Read More »

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How to Do the Powder Acrylic Glaze Dip System?

The Extreme Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System by Backscratchers is used to produce quick salon-quality manicures while applying acrylic nails or tips. The process features both a resin and an acrylic... Read More »

How to Use an Extreme Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System?

An extreme powder glaze acrylic dip system is supposed to be an easier system for applying acrylic overlays to your natural nails. There is a series of specific steps to follow closely when applyin... Read More »

What Is White Acrylic Powder?

When people refer to white acrylic powder, they are generally talking about the type of powder used to create acrylic nails. This powder is actually a powdered polymer called PMMA–polyethylmethy... Read More »

How is acrylic powder made?

Acrylic powder is one of the three main forms that acrylic plastic comes in. Its primary commercial use is the production of acrylic nails. You should take special caution in personal production ... Read More »