How to Use a Plug-In Car Charger?

Answer A plug-in car charger plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet, also known as a power takeoff, of a vehicle to provide power to or to recharge an electronic device. Most small, portable electronic p... Read More »

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I have a old Eye clopse projector and I lost the charger can I just plug my charger that fits into to make it?

You may find a tag or something on the projector about power requirements. You need a charger that is the right voltage and current that has the correct connector.

Can you make a car charger into a wall charger like i want to have my car have wall plug in's for a trip send me somewhere i can buy it plz?

Go to any electronic store like best buy. It should have a outlet converter

Where do I plug in the charger on a Samsung SGH-J700V?

The Samsung SGH-J700V cellular phone has a charging port located at the bottom-right-side panel of the phone. This port is also used to connect the phone to a PC, when syncing or transferring data.... Read More »

Is it better to plug charger always to save my laptop's battery life?

Yes, that is a good way to conserve the battery life. If you have no reason to be running the battery down, then you should keep the laptop plugged into AC power. Lithium-ion batteries lose a littl... Read More »