How to Use a Plasma Cutter on 20-Gauge Steel?

Answer Plasma cutters use air and electricity to convert an air stream to a plasma arc. When the plasma arc contacts the surface of a metal, it makes ground and creates a stream of plasma capable of blowi... Read More »

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Is 18 gauge steel kitchen hood thicker that 22 gauge?

Answer yes the smaller the number the thivcker the gauge

Is 18 gauge steel or 20 gauge stronger?

All steel is given a gauge number, which tells you the steel's thickness. As steel gets thicker and stronger, the gauge number gets lower. Therefore, 18 gauge steel would be stronger than 20 gauge ... Read More »

What is a plasma cutter?

A plasma cutter provides an alternative to mechanical saws and oxyacetylene for cutting metals. Plasma cutting uses an electric arc rather than an oxidation process, making it a viable method for c... Read More »

How to Cut with a Plasma Cutter?

It may sound like something out of an episode of "Star Trek," but a plasma cutter is actually a real-world tool used almost exclusively for cutting through a variety of metals. Plasma cutters have ... Read More »