How to Use a Pentax 645N Lens on a 645?

Answer The Pentax 645N is a traditional film SLR camera similar to the Pentax 645. Both cameras have the same lens mount, which means lenses are interchangeable. This can be useful when looking for cheape... Read More »

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Will a pentax K mount lens work with a Pentax K5D?

Yes, they will work perfectly in Manual and Aperture-priority modes without the need of an adapter. Make sure you set the focus switch on the body to manual so as not to destroy the AF motor. All t... Read More »

Will Pentax K-x lens fit a Pentax K-r camera?

Yes. Both the K-x (2009) and K-r (2010) cameras use the Pentax KAF2 mount.

Which camera to buy Nikon d80 with 18-135mm lens. Or Pentax k200d with 15mm-55 lens (II)?

First, don't be misled by the supposed vast availability of Nikon lenses and their compatibility with various bodies. Pentax, just like Nikon, still uses the same lens mount they used over 30 years... Read More »

Which lens should I buy for my Pentax k-30?

Go to the flea market and hunt down for K-mount lenses or M42 screwmount lenses. K-mount will mount outright to your camera. M42 will need a cheap M42 to K-mount adapter. The best would be those la... Read More »