How to Use a PS3 to View Movies on a Remote Storage Drive?

Answer The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a home video game console that can also play video files, Blu-rays and DVDs. You can also stream videos from a remote storage device (computer) over your Internet co... Read More »

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What does hard drive RPM matter I understand storage capacity (GB) and storage/transfer rate (bps) But RPM?

The faster the RPM's the fasterthe heads cover the actual area of the HDD storage space. That is what seeking is.The heads must find the address of a file before is can be transfered or more data... Read More »

Will Cloud based storage beat External hard drive storage?

The disadvantage of cloud is that you need to upload your files and you need to have a good stable connection where as the ex HDD are easy, plug and play.But if you want you can go for cloud which ... Read More »

My c drive corrupted so i installed OS in d drive but i had certain important to view them.?

Sorry but No it is not possible due to windows security tech. For your information, Windows Directory (system partition ) is not a good place to store important data.

Can I record my movies on DVD to an external hard drive then connect that to my dish network vip722k DVR to create a home library of all my movies?

You can ask for anything. If the landlord approved the dish at some point, he can't now ask to have it removed. If he did not give permission, then he probably can.