How to Use a Nut Splitter?

Answer Every mechanic has encountered the nut that just won't come undone. Whether it is from rust, heat or extreme vibration, the nut seems as if it has become a part of the car frame and is immovable. B... Read More »

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Can you use a USB splitter on a PS3?

Using a USB splitter on a PS3 will work if the splitter is powered and features USB 2.0 capabilities. A splitter can be bought through various merchants, with a retail price ranging from $13.99 to ... Read More »

What is a log splitter?

Cutting logs into firewood can be backbreaking labor that requires the use of saws, hatchets and other tools. A wood splitter helps eliminate some of this manual labor. A log splitter uses a piston... Read More »

VGA splitter?

I'v had good luck with the following Belkin KVM switch. It has two ports and the cables are built in:…

What Is a DSL Splitter?

A DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) splitter, located at the Network Interface Device (NID), is a small device that allocates a line for data traffic and other lines for voice traffic. Using a splitter... Read More »