How to Use a Number Line to Add Integers?

Answer Number lines can be a useful pictographic tool when learning to add integers, particularly when negative integers are involved. They aid students in developing a sound, logical foundation of basic ... Read More »

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How to Use a Number Line to Add Integers on Notes?

Number lines help take the hard work out of adding integers on notes. A number line is a visual tool used to add and subtract integers, which are whole numbers. The line is drawn horizontally with ... Read More »

How to Do Integers on a Fraction Number Line?

A fraction number line is a horizontal line typically with zero at the left end and the number 1 at the right end. In between the numbers, zero and 1, are the fractions. A fraction number line may... Read More »

Adding & Subtracting Integers on the Number Line?

A number line is a visual aid used to help count, add and subtract positive and negative digits called integers. Number lines are labeled with points, located an equidistance apart, that designate ... Read More »

How to Find the Distance Between Two Integers Not Using a Number Line?

Integers are whole numbers. They have no fractional component. What this means is you won't see a decimal part, nor any fraction in an integer. This makes them easy to use. Integers, however, are p... Read More »