How to Use a Noise Meter in Your Classroom?

Answer Noise meters are devices that measure the volume of sounds. There are precise noise meters that measure sound in decibels, as well as more generic noise meters that display less precise levels of v... Read More »

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What Is a Noise Meter?

The NIOSH Noise Meter is an online tool from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health that lets users compare decibel (dB) levels of common noises. An electronic device for measuri... Read More »

What is a noise level meter?

Noise, or sound, is made up of vibrations in the air. It is ignored, despised, desired, and it can even be enjoyed as music. Sometimes, to control noise, it has to be measured with a noise level m... Read More »

How to Handle Noise in the Classroom?

A teacher is not only responsible for the education of his students, he is also responsible for the behavior and discipline of his pupils while they are under his care. Student discipline and contr... Read More »

The Harmful Effects of Classroom Noise?

The ideal classroom is a safe haven for the education and healthy development for young people. Unfortunately, many factors complicate the educational process for students at all grade levels. Nois... Read More »