How to Use a Modulator for an RF CH 3?

Answer RF modulators allow you to connect devices that use RCA cables to TVs that do not have RCA ports. The RF modulator takes the signal from the RCA cables of the device and converts it to run through ... Read More »

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What is an RF modulator?

Older televisions that lack modern video inputs can still serve as display devices for DVD or video game enjoyment with the aid of a simple electronic component called an RF (radio frequency) modul... Read More »

How to Connect an RF Modulator to a TV?

An RF modulator is a device for converting a coaxial cable jack on older televisions into a set of RCA-type composite audio/video jacks for connecting newer types of equipment, such as DVD players.... Read More »

What is an RF modulator used for?

An RF modulator is an electronic device that is connected to a television that has antenna/cable RF input only. Equipment such as video gaming machines, DVD players or computers can be connected to... Read More »

Purpose of a Transmission Modulator?

The purpose of a transmission modulator is to decide when a transmission shift should occur. It also informs the transmission of the type of load being placed on it. Pressure is regulated by the tr... Read More »