How to Use a Makeup Blending Brush?

Answer A blending brush gives you greater control over the subtle tones and pigments of your makeup. Made from synthetic or real hair, blending brushes are easy to handle and maintain. There are two main ... Read More »

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I need help blending in this liquid foundation with this foundation brush?

It goes on best with using a sponge or even a cotton pad or ball; But you can apply a amount on the back of your hand and apply little at a time. Use a moist brush when applying :) And use a really... Read More »

How to Air Brush Makeup?

Airbrushed makeup has gained popularity recently for its quick application and flawless looking results. Makeup artists often use it on actors who want complexions that look perfect on high-definit... Read More »

How to Clean a Makeup Brush?

Professional makeup artists aren't the only ones who should take proper care of their tools; do not neglect hygienic practices in your makeup application just because you don't work with clients. N... Read More »

How to Clean an Eye Makeup Brush?

Using clean brushes every time you apply your eye makeup is not only a sanitary practice that prevents the spread of infection-causing bacteria, it is also a way to make sure the quality of your ey... Read More »