How to Use a List Box to Change Data Displayed on a Worksheet in MS Excel?

Answer Microsoft Excel combines the ability to perform complex calculations with many choices of data presentation. A list box enables users to change the data displayed on a single worksheet. This is he... Read More »

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How do I change the expiration date on an Excel worksheet?

You did not specify what version and update level of MS-Excel you are using.More than likely, some VBA code has been added to that workbook which is testing the current computer date against what i... Read More »

How to change the copy location of the worksheet by Excel Sheets Copier?

I assume you are talking about the product offered by "Excel Tools" software company: It would have helped to know which version of this application you are using, and w... Read More »

How can I have my web page auto-update when I change something in an Excel worksheet?

By having Microsoft ASP and using Microsoft IIS server. But you may not have those available to you, unless you are running in a large corporate environment. Or you could use Microsoft Office Live... Read More »

How do I print Excel data as a mailing list?

Setting up the Excel DocumentOpen your list of mailing addresses in Excel by clicking on "File" and then "Open" in Excel 2003 or earlier. Click the "Office" button and then "Open" in Excel 2007/201... Read More »