How to Use a List Box to Change Data Displayed on a Worksheet in MS Excel?

Answer Microsoft Excel combines the ability to perform complex calculations with many choices of data presentation. A list box enables users to change the data displayed on a single worksheet. This is he... Read More »

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How do I change the expiration date on an Excel worksheet?

You did not specify what version and update level of MS-Excel you are using.More than likely, some VBA code has been added to that workbook which is testing the current computer date against what i... Read More »

How can I have my web page auto-update when I change something in an Excel worksheet?

By having Microsoft ASP and using Microsoft IIS server. But you may not have those available to you, unless you are running in a large corporate environment. Or you could use Microsoft Office Live... Read More »

How to change the copy location of the worksheet by Excel Sheets Copier?

I assume you are talking about the product offered by "Excel Tools" software company: It would have helped to know which version of this application you are using, and w... Read More »

Hello, I would like to know how to list down the differences between 2 columns of data using Excel?

I not sure this is very elegant, but it will give you the answers you want.Based upon the two example columns that you specified, enter two similar formulas. One in column C: =IF( COUNTIF( A:A, ... Read More »