How to Use a Laptop & External Hard Drive As a Media Center?

Answer The proliferation of digital media has changed the way that some people get their entertainment. Movies, TV shows and music can all be downloaded from the Internet and stored on a common hard drive... Read More »

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How do I use an external hard drive on a laptop?

Place your external hard drive on a flat, dry surface and connect the drive to its power source (if it is an externally powered drive). Plug the included USB cord to your drive, and then to a free ... Read More »

Can i use a desktop external hard drive in my laptop?

Yes. If the external HDD uses USB 2.0 or 3.0 you can always hook it up to a laptop with the same port. You can also fetch and store data like you would on a desktop. If the External HDD uses eSata,... Read More »

How to Backup a Laptop to an External Hard Drive?

Backing up your laptop regularly is an important way to avoid loss of data such as family photos, movies, or financial documents. The methods available for backup include the native Windows backup ... Read More »

How to Convert and Play the Dish Network for My Media Backup From the External Hard Drive?

A Dish Network satellite PVR (personal video recorder) receiver has an internal hard drive for storing videos recorded from satellite transmissions. An external USB hard drive, purchased from a com... Read More »