How to Use a Laptop As a Wi-Fi Router?

Answer Routers are devices that allow multiple computes to connect to a single Internet connection, either through Ethernet cables or through wireless signals. If you do not have access to a router, but s... Read More »

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Can i connect my laptop to my wired router even though my router is downstairs?

If the cable is long enough, yes. The person before me mentioned a "TP LINK". If you're going to invest money in one of those you might as well get a wireless router. If you are dead set against go... Read More »

Can i use my laptop as a wireless router and transmit the internet connection wirelessly to another laptop?

It can be done fairly easily in Windows XP. There is a detailed guide on Microsoft's website:…

How do i use a router for a desktop and laptop.?

Yes, buy a WIRELESS ROUTER. Then you can connect your original modem to the router. Effectively the router now becomes your modem.Then you should be able to connect up to 5 or so computers to the r... Read More »

How to Connect a Laptop to a PC Router?

A PC router is a computer networking device used to direct traffic between computers on the same network. For instance, if two people live in an apartment and one has a desktop and another has a la... Read More »